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Slidesystems has been operating on the Irish market since 2007, but the Company’s roots reach many years previous to this. We started on the Eastern European markets in 1995 and have been successfully satisfying the needs of our customers in that region. We specialise in manufacturing state-of-the-art wardrobes based on sliding door systems. Ever since SLIDESYSTEMS was founded, we have been guided by a single principle – MAKE THE CLIENT HAPPY.

14 years of experience have enabled us to work out rules to ensure that we have developed a base of dependable manufacturers, fitters and designers. As a result, we offer top quality products with a professional service, and provide our Customers with wardrobes which fully meet their functional and aesthetic requirements.

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Our wardrobe doors are mounted on top quality rolling systems and come with a 10 year warranty. Using sections, you can construct the architecture of a door and the specific layout you choose makes it possible to produce a door leaf of your own unique design. With sections you can divide the plain of the board into segments; each of them can be made of different materials. In this respect, you are only limited by your imagination, as technologically we are able to produce almost anything you can dream of.


The choice of material for your sliderobe door board is extremely important. It is the type and colour of the board you choose which determines the style and aesthetic value of your wardrobe. Traditionalists tend to select materials of natural, wooden finish in natural colours. For modern-decor interiors, boards with laminated or Plexiglas elements will make a perfect match.

At this stage of wardrobe designing you may count on our designers to provide assistance and consultancy. Due to their immense experience, they will help you decide which materials to choose so that your wardrobe is beautifully integrated into the space intended for it and suits your taste.


We know that when ordering a wardrobe you would like it to be functional and spacious. In order to achieve that, it is worth having it equipped with modern accessories. Well-designed interior elements of a wardrobe will definitely improve its practicality. Our offer includes everything you need. We have many varieties of baskets, drawer systems and hangers for trousers, ties and belts. We have not forgotten about footwear – we offer as many as three different solutions so that you will never have any difficulty storing your shoes and boots.


Are you afraid that your spacious wardrobe will be too dark? We can install lights in the interior. As a result, you will never experience any difficulty finding that one particular pair of trousers, however deep in a drawer it is.It is also worth considering having exterior lighting installed. A well-lit wardrobe is no longer just a functional piece of furniture – it actually becomes a decorative element of the room. Such a solution is recommended especially for stylish interiors, where details and lighting complement and add an aesthetic value to the whole space.


Slide Systems Cork

Peter Brzostek

Peter Brzostek

The founder

In Slide Systems, from the very beginning, the most important thing for us was the client and his satisfaction with the final effect. Throughout the entire process, through design to final execution and assembly, we provide our advice based on many years of experience and we focus on communication with the client.

Finding the right, individualized solutions and creating unique furniture is not only a skill, but also an art, and seeing satisfied customers is something that gives particular satisfaction.

Peter Brzostek

Peter Brzostek

The founder


Irish Enterprise Awards 2024
Irish Enterprise Awards 2024


BCA Winner Badge

Delighted to announce SlideSystems as the proud winners of the Cork Business Award 2023! Crafting top-quality sliding door wardrobes since 1995, we bring 14 years of expertise to every design. Our durable, stylish wardrobes, backed by a 10-year warranty, reflect excellence in materials, accessories, and lighting.

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The Little Island Manufacturing Team of 2023

Liba Awards 2023

This award winning business has a team of ten based in Little Island. Everything they create is bespoke and designed here in Ireland by their in-house team. From The smallest space to the grandest design this team can create your dream commercial or home interior you have always aspired to. Ladies and Gentlemen The Little Island Manufacturing Team of 2023 is Slide Systems

Slide Systems Team


Business Awards Winner 2022

Skilled trades people and superior customer service is what makes our next business shine. Bespoke fitted furniture, kitchens, counters and everything you could possibly need for a home or business, our next winner provides it using the best materials and craftsmanship.

Slide systems business awards

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